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  • Hi, just email my friend and let him know Jason from Canada referred you. He will help you get the info to get your tune from him. Kind regards
    Hey, the power ratings of approx 179-189 hp increase over stock and 299 -320 torque over stock would be equivalent to stage 2 of Malone tuning. I have a friend of mine has been doing tunes for MK7s for the last 3 or so years (since the models have been there that long). The difference between Malone tuning and my friends' (tuning software/shop) is that you get approx a 40 plus increase in hp and approx 63 ft/lbs of torque above stock with a simple remap of the stock ECU. U get a "slave" loader that u upload or unload the "tuned" s/w any time u want. If the dealer for any reason wants to update (s/w) or service my car, I can return it to stock & upload s/w after they are done at no cost or charge to me. And many tune shops will charge to have the s/w uploaded if taken off. I also realize that many folks will try for the highest tune they can get on their TDIs (I have owned an MK4,6,7 TDIs), remember that you shorten your turbo life on aggressive tunes. If interested let me know. Cheers.
    Hey dubfamily. saw the post about tune, did you use Malone? Thats the next step for me and was wondering who you used
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