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    Mk8 R

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    Canada Eh?

    If you scroll down to the 49th parallel, there’s a Canadian section. Greater Vancouver here.
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    New Member - 21 GTI Autobahn 6spd

    Fixed 😝 Drove one and it was fun! Welcome!
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Sam from Seen Through Glass is right that Mick wasn't the most convincing F2 champ. But Mazespin isn't even a convincing F2 driver.
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Stroll is proving me and many people wrong. Mazespin is another level of thanking the bank of dad.
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    Ok Boomer. Sorry, wrong brand!
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    I'm just sad I won't be alive for the Mk69.
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    Mk8 R

    I remember this. I think Jezza was the one who said he can't go at top speed coz the shell would come off.
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    Mk8 R

    Wow, that G80. Stabbing my eyes out with a spoon would hurt less.M My fave is still and will always be the LFA. Like that gal with 3 boobies in the OG Total Recall but inverted LOL.
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    Mk8 R

    Every time I see a Civic Type R, I see the 3 pipes and think "Ron Jeremy hit an F40 from behind again"
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    IS38 Tunes - let's talk through this

    Of course, we’ve heard of and listened to Van Halen - rest well, sir!
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    WOW! I think I just damaged my bladder; worth it! Worth mentioning Tsunoda. Holy!
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    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ
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    NOOB to Stick

    I told my wife [who isn't into cars] it's like women's sizes. Let's stay around the 2-4 range and we're good.
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    Upgrade Clutch Stage 2 for DD

    Yep, ended up doing that.