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  • Hey Carlos,

    I went from stock mounts and stock dogbone to the HPA pendulum setup with an APR Stage 1 tune. (have since installed downpipe and Stage 2). I was also running 235/40/18 PSS tires during this time.

    The change was dramatic, IMHO. DSG shifts faster and smoother. Virtually no more wheel hop. The whole chassis felt much more connected to the road. For me, the HPA product is why I'm willing to stay with the FWD GTI chassis. NVH is minimal, but definitely there; at idle; but that's about it. Very minimal; a trade-off I'm quite willing to take.
    The other thing I'm looking for with the HPA setup is durability. I've had it for 5,000 miles and one track day. So, still early in the lifespan. But, so far, so good.

    I don't have experience with any other insert. However, I certainly recommend the HPA pendulum core setup!

    Best, Norm
    Hey Carlos,
    i was hoping you could help me out with some info about your experiences with your GTI. I saw a few posts by you and you seem pretty knowledgable and have a similar setup.

    I currently have GIAC stage 1 with a Neuspeed intake, H&R Springs and spacers. I am looking to get the GIAC stage 2 but need a downpipe. Did you end up with the CTS Turbo downpipe with a cat? That's what i'm leaning towards as the price is great and i've heard good things about the brand.

    Thanks for your help!
    Hey bud

    Ask Nik for an extra bit off the cost since you'll be picking up the eurodyne kit and he doesnt have to ship it to you.

    As soon as I get wife-approval, I'm gonna head down and pick it up too.
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