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  • Hey what ever happened with the "Engine speed max 4000rpm" code? I got one this morning...oil level is fine and now the code is gone. Just a little bothered that it popped up and went away. Thanks
    imma newbie to the forums and to buying aftermarket wheels. I was planning on going with enkei rpf1's with stretched tires. Is 18x8 or 18x9 better as far as clearance? Also the offset on these wheels only come 35mm. How would clearance be with that offset, rather than stock which is 45mm?

    I used VHT caliper paint that I picked up from autozone. I didn't want to take the time to mask and tape everything, so I used a brush and just dispensed some of the paint in a plastic cup. The blue color matches pretty well to the SBM, close enough that it looks great! I have always hated blue and red together on the same car, so I have removed any hints of red from the outside.
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