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  • I installed the MSS Kits Fully Adjustable Sport Kit; however, I recently took delivery of the LS rear kit for testing purposes and hope to have them installed within the next two weeks.

    I've been very pleased with the product line offered by MSS Kits. It's as advertised; while daily driving there is more comfort, less squat, less dive and more stability at highway speeds. At the track, more stability in the braking zone and less understeer.

    Based on my photos from Sebring last month, the owner of MSS Kits saw the high loads on my rear so he suggested I swap out the Sport rears and install their LS rear prototypes. The product line goes from Streets, Sports, Track to LS kits. With that said, I'm making the jump from Sports to LS in the rear so it should be interesting to see how the vehicle transforms.
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