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Putin confronted by insider over Ukraine war, U.S. intelligence finds (

Video of Finnish PM Explaining Putin's 'Way Out' of Ukraine Viewed 4M Times (

‘They Are in a Panic’: Ukraine’s Troops Size Up the Enemy (

Russia beginning to 'prepare their society' to launch a nuclear attack, Zelenskyy warns, but adds Putin 'not ready to do it' (

Russia confirms its participation in the G20 summit without defining the «format» of intervention (

Ukrainian officials reportedly say there have been 'catastrophic' Starlink outages in recent weeks (

France under fire over Ukraine weapons deliveries (

The limo driver, osteopath and the lucrative $300m arms deal to Ukraine (

Nobel Prize goes to human rights activists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (

Leader of Belarus gifts Putin a tractor for 70th birthday ( One of the stolen John Deeres?

Putin turns 70 with a prayer for his health amid war crisis ( He can meet up with Hitler and Stalin in hell

On his 70th birthday, Putin hoped to be leading a resurgent Russian empire. Instead his army is in retreat and his enemies are united against him like never before. ( Didn't go quite as expected, did it?

Kadyrov Delivers Birthday Message to Putin After Week of Criticism (

Seventy Reasons Why Putin Will Not Be Enjoying His 70th Birthday ( I could think of a couple more

Putin's dream of victory slips away in Ukraine (

Why Albania chose not to pull the NATO trigger after cyberattack (

Fact Check: Is Putin First 'Direct' Nuke Threat Since Cuban Missile Crisis? (

Russia begins fresh military leadership shake-up amid failures in Ukraine (

Putin's Mobilized Troops Forced to Buy Their Own Equipment, Armor: Ukraine (

Ukraine Close to Controlling Crimea as Russia's Southern Front Collapses (

Kazakhstan—The Next Color Revolution? | Opinion (

Half of Russia's Iranian-Made Drones Obliterated in One Week: Ukraine (

Russia seeks secret UN vote on condemning Ukraine annexation (

Russia TV Host Admits to 'Tough' Kherson Losses: 'NATO Has Smelt Our Blood' (
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Birthday present for Putput - mid-day brunch

Ukrainian authorities take stock of ruins in liberated Lyman (

Explosion Shuts Crucial Bridge Between Crimea and Russia (

Ukraine – Large explosion of several fuel tanks damages Kerch bridge (

Truck blast downs part of Crimean bridge to Russia, disrupting key connector (

Massive explosion cripples Crimea's Kerch bridge, Russian officials say (

Ukraine war latest: Three killed in powerful explosion on key bridge linking Russia to Crimea (

Russia assures that traffic across Kerch bridge will be resumed throughout Saturday ( Good idea, don’t bother with inspections, just open it back up

Russia Races to Reopen Key Crimea Bridge Damaged in Fiery Blast (

Ukraine Mocks Russia as Crimean Bridge Hit by Explosion (

UN: Ukraine nuclear power plant loses external power link (

Sabotage paralyzes northern Germany’s rail network (

NATO must do more to protect members against Russia -German defense minister (

Britain slaps down Russia's push for secret U.N. vote on Ukraine (

Russia’s Reindeer Brigade Is Fighting For Its Survival In Southern Ukraine (

NATO Once Feared a Putin Victory. Now It Worries Over His Defeat (

Germany seen as a less reliable international partner than before, survey says (

Ukrainian Parliament recognizes Japanese sovereignty over Kuril Islands, disputed with Russia (

Zelensky urges world leaders to recognize Japan’s claim to disputed Russian-occupied islands (

Russia accuses EU of trying to destabilize international markets with latest round of sanctions (

Ukraine regains control over Russian occupied areas | Watch (

Pro-Russian authorities in Donetsk announce the resumption of activity of the port of Mariupol (

Ukrainian Kamikaze Drone Attacks Bomber Base Deep In Russia (

Russian oil exports fall to their lowest level in a year as Moscow leans more on Asian buyers ahead of price cap plans (

Erdogan holds telephone conversation with Putin and reiterates willingness to mediate peace process (

Russia appoints new overall commander for its military in Ukraine (

Russia begins fresh military leadership shake-up amid failures in Ukraine (

Putin's disastrous war in Ukraine has pushed him into the 'most precarious moment' of his decades in power, top Russia expert says (

Russia rejects Latvia’s education reform that abolishes teaching in Russian language (

US ammunition supplies dwindle as Ukraine war drains stockpiles (

Georgia’s proxy war with Russia has linguistic ripple effects (

Christmas is canceled: Russian mayors scrap holiday parties to buy war equipment (

EU condemns Russian decree to take control of Zaporiyia nuclear power plant (

Putin Regime's Reported Fractures Risk Making Him Look Weak: ISW (

Those damn vegetarians Russia Warns Citizens About Black, Gay People if They Flee Country (

US intelligence tells Biden Putin was ‘directly’ confronted by angry Kremlin insider (

Russia and OPEC Are Driving U.S. and China Into an Unlikely Partnership (


Virginia, USA

Kremlin, shifting blame for war failures, axes military commanders - The Washington Post

Loyalty to Kremlin cracks among Russian leadership after latest defeats in Ukraine (

Intercepted Russian missile removed from Kharkiv building | Watch (

'What's next in line, Russkies?': Ukraine taunts Russia over destroyed Crimea bridge (

Kremlin creates new operator to exploit oil field inoperative since September (

NATO 'must do more' against Russia, German defense minister says (

Russia appoints notorious war criminal as head of armed forceds in Ukraine (

Putin 'in a corner' with options narrowing (

Ukrainian police find over 500 civilian bodies, torture chambers in Kharkiv (

Why is the Crimean Bridge attack significant? | Watch (

Europe’s new ‘Iron Lady’ Kaja Kallas says the West mustn’t negotiate with Putin (

Ukraine's economy shrank by 30% in first three quarters of 2022 (

The Crimea bridge explosion is a devastating blow to Putin and Russian morale (

Kremlin accuses West of introducing ‘nuclear rhetoric’ into Ukraine war (

Rubble and relief in recaptured south Ukraine village (

As Ukraine reclaims southeastern villages, the painful stories of a Russian occupation are revealed (

Erdogan and Putin discuss improving ties, ending war in call - report (

He needs to stay out of politics After Russia-Ukraine plan, Musk offers proposal to resolve China-Taiwan tensions (

Putin faces more grim choices after blast hits his prized Crimea bridge (

Russian 'Elite' Guard Arresting Military in Moscow: Ukraine Intelligence (

Putin's defense minister in firing line for Ukraine campaign (

Ukraine parents ‘want their children back’ from Russia (

Follow Ukraine’s success and use our weapons to defeat China, US tells Taiwan (

Joint inspection teams work in concord to speed up grain export from Ukraine (

Russia's bombardment of Ukraine could trigger a Chernobyl-like event. Here's why (

Excitement and fear in Ukraine after bridge blast (

Marshall Plan, forging U.S.-Europe alliance, tested by Ukraine war - The Washington Post MSNs link to WaPo might be broken

Ukraine raises death toll in Thursday’s Russian attack on Zaporiyia city to 19 (

Russia’s Putin now face to face with an existential crisis in Ukraine as he marks 70th birthday (

Vladimir Putin to escalate assault on Ukraine after latest humiliation (

Zelenski assures Russian soldiers that fleeing is their «best option.» (

Kerch Strait Bridge Road And Rail Traffic Resume To Very Limited Degree (


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A bridge to nowhere

Putin allies are pushing for swift retaliation after an explosion on a key Crimean bridge delivered another humiliation for the Russian president ( There is some evidence that the KGB (err… FSB) blew up the bridge

Ukraine claims warring leaders of Russia's security factions were behind Crimea bridge blast (

Russian divers to inspect damage to vital Crimea bridge link (

As an aside, I worked the I-35 bridge collapse in 2007 and it took out far more than the road - electric lines, comms and IIRC, gas. Given the fire and explosion here, it is impossible that this bridge remains structurally sound. They stopped truck traffic not for security, but because they knew it couldn't support trucks.

The four ways Ukraine could have taken down the Crimean bridge (

Former NATO commander says Kerch Bridge explosion ‘very significant psychologically’ (

Putin’s Regime Faces the Fate of His Kerch Strait Bridge (

Ukrainians are posing with a giant postage stamp depicting the blown up bridge linking Russia and Crimea (

Putin may have wanted to restore the Russian Empire, but his power over former Soviet states is waning as his invasion of Ukraine flounders (

Russian draft dodgers pour into Kazakhstan to escape Putin's war (

Why Ukraine’s battlefield wins are raising fresh questions for Biden (

Threading the needles necessary to end the Ukraine war (

US resists 'regime change' talk, but Putin knows how last czar died (

Russian strikes kill 17 in reprisal for bridge attack; Slovakia's 'birthday gift' for Putin: Ukraine updates (

Putin meets Monday with inner security circle after Kerch bridge explosion (

Russian Media Admits 'Never Should've Laughed at Ukraine' (

Ukraine nuclear plant reconnected to grid after line was cut (

BAE, U.S. in Talks to Restart M777 Howitzer Production After Ukraine Success (

Russian ally cancels Russian-led military drill on its land (

Russian forces ‘running and panicking’ during eastern retreat (

Empty stomachs and suspicion: A liberated town that's finally giving up its secrets (

‘Ukraine is going to win’: Estonia’s departing spy chief opens up on Putin’s war (

Exiled to Latvia, Russian free media defy Kremlin propaganda | Watch (

EU Political and Security Committee agrees to train 15,000 Ukrainian military personnel (

Ukrainian refugees stuck for days at Russian border crossings as they flee to Europe (

Ukraine – Russia warns that Kiev is trying to get Moldova to attack the pro-Russian region of Transnistria (

Putin is fighting alone (

Russia's Ukraine Offensive 'Absolutely Senseless': Ex-Military Leader (

Meet the Ukrainian drone team contesting Russian air superiority in the east (

Most of President Putin's Kremlin elite oppose the Ukraine war, report says (

For new soldiers, Russia's mobilization is BYOB - bring your own battle gear (

Belarus formally accuses Ukraine of planning attack on its territory (

Ukraine troops involved in tough fighting around key eastern town - Zelenskiy (
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Between the sanctions, the brain drain, and Russia's arms being shown to be inferior, Russia is screwed win or lose.


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Pretty hilarious quote From the article: “A tidy, fully functional and loaded TOS Solntsepyok. Except that the tanks are dry, but this really isn’t a problem for our Cossacks. Let’s fill it with the tears of katsaps and go!”, it was commented on the news about the latest capture.

My grandpa was rumored to have been a “flame thrower” at Iwo Jima, but that might have just been family propaganda. I never asked him before he passed but flame is a hell of a weapon. I only know the story of him getting wounded a few times and the doc that went to get help died, but my grandpa lived (barely made it).


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