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I want to buy another set of wheels for my new 2021 GTI Autobahn. The car comes with Bridgestone Potenza 5001 summer performance tires on those awesome Belvedere style wheels. I'm want to take the summers off of the Belvedere's and put all seasons on those and get another set of wheels for the Potenza summer tires. I don't want to spend a ton of money and I came across the Sport Tuning Brand at Tire Rack and they have about 25 styles for the GTI and all of them are only $150-$200 per wheel. It almost seems too good to be true so I wanted to see if anyone out there had experience with this brand. The reviews on Tire Rack are incredibly positive but I wanted to make sure. Thanks.


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I have a set on my 2015 GTI I have no issues with them however others have complained about the paint be easily damaged.


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I just bought a set for my wagon. For a hair over $100ea they are nicer than I was expecting!


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I had the same set as SouthFL_Mk7.5 on my BMW for snows and they were fine. I don't even know if there were any paint issues because for snows who cares, that's why you buy cheap wheels. And they live in much harsher conditions than your summer wheels, so damage would not be unexpected. Bottom line, no problems that I noticed while walking up to the car.

edit: I just looked at the pics of the BMW wheels from when I sold them. Paint looks great.

I have another set of Sport Edition on my wife's Lexus, also for snows. Same deal, no problems that I notice.

edit: I just switched the winter wheels off my wife's car and can confirm the dark gray paint looks good.

I have also not bent or broken either of these wheels. Recognizing that each pothole strike is different, I did bend a different cheap wheel on my GTI.
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I've heard of that brand of wheel being easy to bend and dent etc years ago but nothing in the recent past so probably fine. Hard to find a more reputable retailer than TireRack so if that brand had issues in the past, I'm sure they're corrected by now. TireRack is also great on deals when they are running low on stock and looking to move a SKU


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My 2016 GTI SE PP ran these brand of wheels for a while and I had zero issues with them. For an off brand name they seemed well made and durable.


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The Sport Tuning and Sport Edition brands are some of Tire Rack's private label/house brands. The quality is actually very good for the price.

Over the last 15 years I have had Sport Editions for winter wheel sets on several previous cars, including my SW20 MR2, e36 M3s, and Mazdaspeed 6. I now have two sets for my GTI, both for my winter set and my summer/track set. Needless to say, I have put a lot of miles on Sport Editions. They have proven very reliable and durable, and have held up despite Chicago potholes and general abuse. I strongly recommend them as a good quality budget wheel.

Winter set 17x7.5

Summer set 18x8



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I had a set of Sport Tuning "Glides". They had a Konig stamp on the inside of the spoke. Probably put over 150K miles on them with no issues. Had them refinished several times in several different finishes. Great wheel for the money