BNIB Golf R B6 Struts, 6MT Golf R Hatch Front Springs + R Estate Rear Springs - $800

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I recently purchased Golf R B6 dampers, along with NAR Golf R hatch front springs and ROW R Estate rear springs for my Alltrack, as I was under the false impression that Bilstein had not developed an Alltrack-specific B6 damper for the stock springs.

Now that I know Alltrack-specific B6’s DO exist, I am not inclined to sacrifice the OEM ride height of the stock springs. So I will be going the Alltrack B6 with stock springs route.

as such, I would like to sell all items noted for $800 picked up, or plus shipping. That’s $600 for the B6’s, and $200 for the springs, which I paid over $200 for the rear R estate springs on E-ACCA alone (+ $100 for the 6MT Golf R hatch takeoffs w/ 1K miles).

to clarify, the B6’s are BNIB/never installed, and so are the R Estate Rear springs. The front 6MT Golf R hatch springs are takeoffs that have less than 5K miles on them. I paid $100 for the R springs, and over $200 for the R Estate rears so the front springs are “free.”

Typed this up in bed at 1:37AM, feel free to reach out for pics if I haven’t already uploaded them whenever you see this post.