10mm Spacer issue fixed

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Forgot to mention that the reason I actually discovered this issue was when I was doing 12mm spacers all around. At first I was trying to run 12mm ECS spacers up front and they would not sit flush, I had another set of 12mm that I was running in the back which I switched to the front and they fit just fine. So the 12mm ECS spacers I had did not fit the front.

Currently on my setup I'm running 5mm front and 10mm rear 42DraftDesigns spacers with the 66.56/57.1 conversion so I don't have to run hub rings on my 66.56mm hub wheels. They fit perfectly and I highly recommend 42DD spacers.

This is really interesting. I didn't realize there was a spacer that can take the place of having a centering ring. I just got some OZ wheels and they have hub centric rings that seem to be pretty good and not create vibration but I was thinking of slapping some spacers on the rear. One of my worries was how a typical hubcentric spacer would take to being mounted with a non 57.1 center bore wheel that has a centering ring installed.


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Interesting that different spacers of the same thickness fit different. I have some 12mm spacers I got off eBay and they fit fine on the front...but the center bore of the spacer won't clear the hub in the rear. I tried the 12mm on the rear and it did not fit. I had to get some 15mm.

I get all my spacers from eBay...and so far none of them have given me issues with vibration.


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The 10mm H&R rear spacers (part #2055571A) I ended up buying fit fine on the rear. I see H&R also makes front specific 10mm spacers, part #2055571B.


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Hi guys...i 'm going to install 4x13 mm Sparco spacers on Brescia 19".
Do u think are they ok.?