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    500+ whp GTI

    The Diggs24 speedo shot.
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    MK8 TCR spy photos

    And planted.
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    MK8 TCR spy photos

    I can't get over that Charlie Brown grille.
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    Will a jb4 be a good fit for me?

    Occasionally, George will ask for beta testers when he is about to release a new version. I have a used JB4 but his beta test happened while I bought it, so he helped me sort out my initial Map 6. A couple of others here helped me tweak it.
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    60-100 mph times

    Dad needs to weed the driveway
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    Will a jb4 be a good fit for me?

    No doubt, a proper tune is probably safer.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    For 60K: No less than six oil and filter changes at 10K intervals If you have a DSG transmission, one service at 40K Air filter and cabin filter at 30K? Spark plugs at 60K?
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    Unmarried GTI Accessport. DSG unlocked with extras. Sold!

    They sell within days at that price.
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    Will a jb4 be a good fit for me?

    Most shoot for e30, so about 4 gallons. Since you only drive 300-500 miles a month, that's a tank to a tank and a half. If you can readily get e85, then I'd target that. A JB4 with an e30 tuned map will get you close, if not up to, a typical Stage 1. If you want to modify your car and void the...
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    Auto high beam with obdeleven

    Camera in the rear view mirror
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    What comes after the GTI?

    I was in the same situation as you, and drove a Jetta Sportwagen. More room, but really only a foot more in usable interior length. Get an SUV for Mom and keep the GTI.
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    what do u guys think 2017 24k autobahn or 2020 gti s

    Agreed. 2018 Autobahn, 11K, 6/72 warranty, MIB 2.5, $25K.
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    Will a jb4 be a good fit for me?

    60hp out of a JB4 on pump 91 is pushing it. 93 with e30 at altitude, maybe; at sea level, sure.
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    BMS VW GTI JB4 info thread

    I recommend you look for better fuel and budget for an intercooler. Even though boost season has started in New England, I'm still getting timing pull on my Map 6 (+8 peak) on the OEM IC. IAT's in the high 50's.