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    JB4 Logging, stacking and Map 6 Discussion

    I had similar problems using BT on a Samsung phone. The JB4 app could not find the new downloaded firmware. I used the Samsung My Files app to move the new file out of the Downloads folder to the JB4 folder, where the other firmware revisions live. Once I restarted the app, the new file was...
  2. shovelhd

    Long Term Spark Plug Thoughts

    5K on the Rutheniums, no issues. Runs great at all rpm's.
  3. shovelhd

    DSG service NY

    Where's that Diggs OILZ meme
  4. shovelhd

    DSG service NY

    Yup, I'm aware of that method, but I have VCDS and it's no big deal to monitor the transmission temp.
  5. shovelhd

    DSG service NY

    The only things that make it more difficult than an oil change are a) removing the battery and tray and b) monitoring the transmission temperature. Nothing nasty about it.
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    APR Stage 2 in MA

    Which DP? Spacer? Orientation? Did it achieve readiness?
  7. shovelhd

    APR Stage 2 in MA

    Thank you. This is why I'm going to stay on the stock DP.
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    APR Stage 2 in MA

    A similar question to the original question. If I have a JB4 and add a catted DP, as long as I run it on Map0 (stock), it's guaranteed to achieve readiness? This would mean that I could change back to Map0, drive it for 50 miles or so, and pass emissions. Yay or nay?
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    DCC Opinions?

    I have a 2018 Autobahn and run the settings in Custom most of the time. Most things are set to Sport except for the transmission and suspension, which are set to Normal. It's a nice compromise between driveability and comfort. On longer highway trips when I'm going into areas with rough roads...
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    Rear performance pack calipers

    Rock Auto sells Centric.
  11. shovelhd

    APR Stage 2 in MA

    Visual and ODB-II scan for readiness. It wasn't that long ago that they mandated a dyno sniffer test.
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    What 147k mile valves look like 2015 Gti

    I had no idea Mk7's had tensioner issues.
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    Only took 4 days. Pics of clutch.

    You'll need a mount as well, but they should have both. Try the visual check first. The ones I've heard about were ass visible just by watching the pulley while actuating the clutch.