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    Delete please

    I have a single Pretoria located in so cal.
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    WTB: 18 OEM Golf R Wheels

    Looking for a set of Golf R 18s, do not care for GTI 18s. Looking to trade in my R with 18s and keep the Pretoria's that are on it for my other car. Thanks!
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    FS: MK7.5 TCR Muffler

    Selling my TCR Muffler off my 2018 GTI. Had this on for about 200 miles wanted to see what it was like and too loud for me. My loss is your gain. Selling for $450 shipped + pp fees. Edit: This will only fit 2018/2019 GTIs, the tip distance is wider on the MK7.5 compared to the MK7
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    Bought a TCR Muffler for my US spec Mk7.5 GTI

    That is all. Im very excited lol thank you Paul at you the man.
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    FS:Set of Gloss Black 19" Pretoria Wheels

    Selling a set of powder coated gloss black pretorias off a 2017 Golf R. Will take some pictures later tonight and post them. They are 19x8 5x112 ET 50. Looking to get $1200 + shipping to contig US. DM me your number and I can text you pictures. Thanks for looking.
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    FS: SINGLE Pretoria Wheel 19 x 8

    This is a single wheel bought as a replacement for curbed wheel. Have sold that set of wheels, so I no longer need this wheel. Wheel is in perfect condition, no chips, cracks or curbing.
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    WTB: 2 Stock Wheels

    Looking for two stock wheels (18 x 7.5) in good condition. They are going to be my fronts for autocross. So any wheel that fits the specs in great. Looking to pay about $200-$250 shipped to Phoenix, AZ. Thanks!
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    JB1 Rev 2 w/ Data Cable

    JB1 Rev 2 with data cable for MK7 GTI/ Golf — $270 shipped. Open to offers. Great condition, going to Stage 2 APR tune on my car so no longer need it anymore. Thanks for checking it out. Preston *Price drop from $300
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    WTB: Rear Sway Bar 23mm+

    Looking for a rear sway bar for my MK7 GTI. Interested in most brands.. let me know what you have and what accessories and hardware you have with it. Thanks.
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    FS: Nuespeed Power Module - AZ

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    USP Catless Downpipe W/ O2 Extension - AZ

    Selling a MK7 GTI catless downpipe, comes with all hardware to connect to stock catback system. Purchased the O2 extension never got a check engine light. Car was reverted back to stock before I traded it in. Text if interested. $325 + shipping. Preston
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    3D Printed Key Chains - Golf, GTI and R logos

    Hey guys! I've been 3D printing some key chains for myself and some friends. Was wondering if there was a market for them! Send me a message with the following. - How much would you pay for a keychain? - Other than what you see right now... what other key chains would you like to see...
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    WTB: GTI Down pipe and Exhaust. AZ area.

    Looking for the whole exhaust system.. i.e. Turbo to tailpipes! Let me know if your got the whole set or one or the other. Also please be in the AZ area. Thanks Preston Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB: Stock GTI Turbo back Exhaust (SoCal)

    Looking for a stock GTI Downpipe and Catback. Im located in Valencia so if you aren't to far away and don't want a ridiculous amount PM me. Thanks guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB: 2015 GTI Res and Rear Muffler

    Currently have a 1.8T and it has a vacuum cleaner sound to it. Looking to ad some tone with a stock GTI cat back, let me know if you have one you want to get rid of! Live in Phoenix AZ and Los Angeles (travel back and forth regularly) hit me up with an offer! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using...