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    The Unofficial New England Introduce yourself Thread!

    Welcome, Im over in East Providence . Had my gti for a year
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    Show us your MK7

    Which Thule wind screen is this?
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    Official Tornado Red GTI / Golf Thread

    The roof bars and bike rack is the oem Thule set up. Feel like it’s a little more secure with the fork set up. First time having a roof rack.
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    OEM 4Dr Roof Rack w/Fork Mount

    if you are willing to separate. Im looking for a fork mount
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    Refinishing wheels

    Purchased a set of laguna wheels and a few of them have some light rash. Looking into refinishing myself. question I have is what color should I use to match them as close to stock as possible. thx
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    GTI ECS silicon inlet hose

    would you do $40 shipped?