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Old 03-01-2018, 10:27 PM   #120
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Valvoline SynPower MST 5W-40

Originally Posted by Disturbd1 View Post
I just did my first oil change since I bought my '15 used in July.
What a coincidence. I also just did my first oil change since I also bought my '15 used in July.

I was going to go with Mobil 1 5W40 as Meijer had a sale; $25 for a 5-qt jug, less a $2 mPerks discount. I figured I'd also need a 1-qt bottle for anything more than 5 qts, and potential top-ups. But then I saw they had a Valvoline special, giving $10 off a $40 purchase of Valvoline-branded products (which were about the same price, and also meets VW specs). So I bought a 5-qt jug and TWO 1-qt bottles of 5W40, which would have sub-totaled $39.97, so I added a bottle of their fuel injection cleaner just to put myself over the threshold for the discount. So while I "spent to save" which I hate doing, I essentially got a mostly-free bottle of oil.

So far I've only put in the 5-qt jug and the level seems to be OK. I'm keeping a bottle with me just in case. I like the smell of the Valvoline. Poured in nicely even with a makeshift funnel (old oil bottle with the bottom cut off), no spills. I did the drain-and-fill because I dicked around too much researching extractors and didn't get one in time for our good weather window.
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Originally Posted by Audi Junkie View Post
Got titanium?

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I picked me up 4 bottles of this stuff at 27 bucks CAD (tax in)... can't go wrong for that price

link here, it's been 24+tax for a while now on walmarts site for those who are in Canada
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