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Grr, someone hit my rear bumper last night

Noticed it this morning at work. Someone gave me a love tape last night. No dents or cracks but enough to break off the bottom of my license plate frame and leave scratches/scuffs around the plate and lip above it. Scratches aren't particularly deep but the scuff marks are obvious on my black paint. Tried to remove them with Scratch-X which did very little as I expected.

I have a spray can of black pearl metallic from having to paint and replace the front toe cover, so I figure I can try my hand at repairing this.

I've never sanded before, so what grit would you recommend? I'm not looking for perfection, I basically want to hide/cover the white scuffing that I haven't been able to remove.
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I would try wetsanding before you go to paint, if the scratches aren't through to the base color layer. Try 5000 grit, then polish. If that doesnt work, try 2500, 5000, then polish. If you might have to repaint the whole bumper in the end I don't think it will hurt to wetsand a bit first. If the results make you happy, then great If not, get it resprayed.

The point is to work your way up from the least aggressive method, stopping at what works out and not causing any unnecessary damage
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