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Rogues Gambit
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Seeing this thread and everything makes me hope my gf gets a sportswagen 4motion so we can do all this

GF's car: APR st1, AFE dry filter, 034 RSB, RS7 Spark Plugs, Deautokey: Low Beam LED, Foglight LED, Blue Interior lighting, more to come
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Originally Posted by Phillip.Triplett View Post
I have had this program running from APR for a little over a month now and can say I am absolutely pleased with the outcome. The IS20 produces the power when you want it and it isn't such an increase that the engine seems jumpy when cruising easy. I will say I agree with the calibrators when they said, "This guy is going to need wider and stickier tires after this upgrade!" I am running my stock wheel set up and I spin through 3rd. Definitely looking to change the shoes on the vehicle next so that I will be able to enjoy this upgrade even more.

Side Note: people cannot believe that my little car produces the power it does and have definitely turned some GTI owners heads when they thought their car was going to roll past me and didn't.

Are you only running the IS20?

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