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"Driver Assistance pack - Golf EVO" on Carwow

I'm looking at building a Golf configuration on Carwow for the "1.5 TSI EVO DSG" engine in the "SE Navigation". I get to the options page and I can see:

Driver Assistance pack - Golf EVO 775
(which includes: "Emergency assist with traffic jam assist"; "Adaptive brake lights")

However, looking on the Volkswagen website itself and going through VW's own web-based configurator, there is no mention of a "Driver Assistance pack". I can't see anywhere else that mentions "emergency assist" and "adaptive brake lights" as options (though I can find descriptions elsewhere on the VW site about what these features are).

I'm intrigued that "traffic jam assist" is only mentioned on the VW site as being part of "Lane Assist Plus in High Beam Assist".

Can anybody confirm whether this "Driver Assistance pack" actually exists? Presumably it uses a camera mounted on the rear view mirror, but you don't get "Lane assist" as part of this?

If I choose "Lane Assist Plus", are "Emergency Assist" and "Adaptive brake lights" also included in that or is it really only a part of the "Driver Assistance pack"?

If anybody can clear this up that would be grand.

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I would trust VW configuration site over Carwow.
"Traffic jam assist" is only available with DSG gearbox (not with manual). In other words, in adaptive cruise-control mode, the car with DSG gearbox will keep the distance even in traffic jams, which manual of course can't. Once you stop, you have to shift manually.
You can get the feature only as part of Lane Assist Plus... [with DSG]
Yes, it uses the camera mounted on the rear view mirror on the front screen and you automatically get Lane Assist as part of the deal (and traffic signs recognition + side scan).
My understanding is that every Gold has Emergency Assist included nowadays (MY 2018).
Hope this helps.
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