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Originally Posted by icin235 View Post
Diggs24, I want to thank you for your skepticism!
My dyno shop had an open slot this morning, so I finally got it done.

It's funny that when I first started asking on the forums if my car was tuned, most people said "no". But I was like... "it has no traction in 2nd".

286HP and 336lb/ft of torque at the wheels (91 oct). IT'S TUNED.
That makes soooooo much more sense.
And now my run is only a so-so Stg1 run
I'll have to go back to the track and actually try this time.

And I got an email back from APR confirming that my VIN has a tune tied to it.

Sorry wy2sl0, you're going to have to update the specs on my run.

Side-note: If I'm in PARK and I rev the motor, it won't rev past 4K RPM. Is that normal for a tuned car?

Very good stuff! Thanks for the update. I was going to be really mad at myself if a stock setup GTI ran the same time I did lmao
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Originally Posted by B00STED View Post
Very good stuff! Thanks for the update. I was going to be really mad at myself if a stock setup GTI ran the same time I did lmao
Yeah, even I was thinking it's kind of fishy.
I did my 13.72 @ 103.8mph run just in full auto sport mode.
I really want to try earlier shift points, also dropping my tire pressure even more.
My stock Golf R only trapped 100mph at the same track...

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Well I may be going for my last IS12 runs this week. But if they can get me in before Friday I'm going IS38. With the weather and new updates 12.7 is the goal on the IS12, theoretical is 12.4 but I never have traction in the 60'. I'll rip seats out if I have to so I can get into the 12s.
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Ran the car last night at track ran an 11.93 and an 11.94. 2017 golf r full stage 2 apr. Only a month or two away from stage 3 can hardly wait.
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New Official MK7 Golf/GTI 1/4 Thread

Finally went to a different track and pulled off some good times. Itís definitely still got a bit more in her.

April 20th 2018
Woodburn Dragstrip Oregon

2017 IS38 Golf Sportwagen 1.8t 4motion DSG

ET: 11.92 @ 114.7 MPH
60ft: 1.810
DA: 438

APR IS38 100 file on 98 Octane
JB4 + Water/Meth 30/70 mix
Weight removed - All seats removed for my fastest run.

All previous runs were with spare tire and top of rear seats removed
Running on 17" Enkie RPF1's


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