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Originally Posted by Jumpy View Post
It goes both ways, though. Yes the LCD cluster is financially cheaper, but that doesn't mean it's worse. It's actually a good technology and probably has real benefits over analog gauges. They both have pros and cons, but to argue that it's objectively worse is just being a stubborn traditionalist.
It goes deeper than that. Besides being cheaper, throwing in a few digital upgrades to an otherwise analog, “steam gauge” instrument panel is just poor design. If VW is going digital, like every other manufacturer, they need to redesign the complete dashboard & instrument panel. This mixed “media really” approach really looks bad. Maybe you don’t notice it too much at night, when you can’t see everything else but the displays.
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Here is my take after owning a 17 R and having moved on to a 18.
don't love the new digital cockpit but it is certainly not a deterrent to the vehicle. Some OCD people might not love the different FONT in there (speed, gear are diff) but I've grown to like it. The newer infotainment system though is a solid improvement over the previous system.

Originally Posted by KO7 View Post
I see you're in Vancouver. Come join us in the Vancouver R Club on Facebook!
I probably will!
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