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Originally Posted by Downshift View Post
Hey all.

Yes Iíve been running the Cobb AP for about 10 months with MAPerformanceís 93 OCT Stage 1 V1.0 tune and absolutely love it. Completely my daily driver. No knocking whatsoever. I have not gone to IanĎs 2.0 tune based on some of the marginal reviews and how seemingly great version 1 is.

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Any reason you chose it over APR? Do you have APR parts on the car like intake?

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Originally Posted by TimFell View Post
Any reason you chose it over APR? Do you have APR parts on the car like intake?


It really depends on personal preference. I was literally torn between Unitronic and COBB.

Side note - I liked Uni vs. APR as I prefer a tune thatís weighted towards top end power vs mid range torque. However I found a dealer that is tune friendly and offered APR so I almost went with APR for convenience & warranty.

APR has a proven tune. Itís very hands off. You take your car in, they flash your ECU, and youíre good to go. Great performance, great reliability. APR is great if you want to follow their modification schedule and use their hardware.

COBBís Access Port has a few OTS tunes that have somewhat mixed reviews and they make less power than APR.

So why do I like COBB? You have the freedom of pro-tuning to your specific hardware in the future. You also have the features of the Access Port which gives you up to six custom gauges on the screen to monitor boost, AFR, IAT, knock, and a ton of other parameters. If you buy the AP from MAPerformance, you get their OTS tunes for fee. Iím running their Stage 1 93 oct which reportedly put down over 300 hp on the dyno. Ian from MAP is very responsive and will help you with your goals too, so itís nice knowing you have support if you run into any issues.

My long term plans for this car are a full turbo swap and over 450 whp so the AP will allow me to custom tune (dyno or email) in the future while still giving me a great Stage 1 / Stage 2 option in the present.

Iíve also had to take her in for some warranty work and recalls so I can uninstall the COBB and take her in without having to pay a dealer to reflash every time. Iíve heard the APR stock reflash isnít true stock- itís a stock-like map. The COBB AP memorizes your vehicles factory ECU software when you install it so when you uninstall the unit, it reloads your exact factory map.

Hope this helps. Iím super happy with the COBB tho.

I have no other aftermarket engine hardware at the moment. IE IC is my next upgrade.

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Anyone need a dsg service? I have a few kits in stock. PM me, comes out about half the cost of a dealership doing it.
Mk5 Rabbit (Daily) Build Thread
MK6 K04 GTI Build Thread

Hit me up for Vagcom or DSG Service in Chicago (Cheaper than dealer/indie)
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Anyone have a set of 18Ē take offs? Wheels and tires please. Iíd love to get a set of GLI Bathurst wheels, let me know what you have.

Thanks in advance

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