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Waterpump/Thermostat out at 36K miles ??

So about a little over a week ago, I noticed maybe a few drops of coolant under the car, not even enough to make me pop the hood. Car ran fine, until CHECK COOLANT LEVEL light came on. Coasted over, and reservoir was damn near EMPTY. No signs of leak surrounding the system, dry coolant, wet coolant, cracks, etc. Immediately got some g13, mixed it up, refilled reservoir. After almost a week and many drive cycles, coolant level is still the same with no signs of leaks and all temps within normal limits. Okay, whatevs. I was due for an oil change, and had the dealer do it as it is more convenient for me. They found that the waterpump and thermostat are out and also stated "coolant is low" and quoted me some STUPID ass price to replace. I took a look myself, saw the coolant is at the same level as before I brought it in. Not low, was above minimum. Car has been driving just fine with no symptoms, with again, temps in normal range. Keeping an eye on the coolant, which hasn't dipped. Gonna get it on the rack soon at a trusted shop to take a thorough look myself. Would like anyone's input.

Either way, 36K miles seems a bit early for something like this. Unfortunately, my power train warranty went out 4 months ago. I'm not one to ask for rules to be broken, but since stealerships are thugs in my eyes, is it even worth asking for a good gesture after being a customer for 7 years and 3 cars? If anyone who works at a dealership can chime in (and I apologize if the previous sentence offends you, but lets be real)

Car is a 2015 6 speed with just basic bolt ons and dyno tune through cobb AP3.
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If it's still leaking it's almost always the thermostat housing.
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Thought power train was 6/60?
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My thermostat was changed at about that milage (by the dealership, under warranty) my coolant level was very VERY slow to drop, it would be months before it was at all obvious it had gone down! I was getting the steam from the right side of grill after switch off symptoms, and the only physical sign was a small amount of dry coolant on the underside of the thermostat housing, took it in and they changed it without question, have to say though, who sees coolant under the car and doesn’t open the bonnet/hood??!
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Originally Posted by Diggs24 View Post
Thought power train was 6/60?
yeah, I think it's covered under this. I've def seen people get it replaced after 36k
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Shit, I got the dealership to replace mine at 61,200 by contacting VWoA.
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Should fall under powertrain warranty which carries you out to 50k as others said.

Wouldn't be a VW if the water pump didn't fail.
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Back in the day, it was 3Y/36k. My VR6 Corrado's water pump failed at 37k. Something's never change.

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Old 10-10-2019, 02:05 AM   #9
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So the day my SA told me my warranty was out I had a busy a day and didn't think to double check at the time. Checked all my paperwork, and my warranty is indeed still in tact. 5Y 60k miles. Called back, and my SA continued to insist I was wrong even with the computer in front of him. (wouldn't be surprised if he was lying, as people do fall for this). Anyway, he eventually said "OOPS my mistake" after I said we have a problem here where you're saying one thing and I have paperwork stating another. I really hate stealership thuggery

TLDR: I'm getting it replaced under warranty
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