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Originally Posted by IBFreeman View Post
You are well-invested life on earth. (bet ya never got that before)

PS: im getting my ceramic taken off, ppf put on, then reapplied with ceramic (front end) figured you'd be happy to know
Thanks mate!

That is good news PPF FTW. I have recently found many spots where it's saved my paints skin.
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White vinegar dissolves hard water spots.

If you have hard water at home and don't have a water softener, you can buy a cartridge filter that removes it. It lasts about 90 gallons, then you remove it form its housing and soak the filter in salt pellets overnight or so to clean it, so it lasts a long time. I've used the same one for 11 years now.
(Mostly) Posted by Josh/AWE. Flapper valves are open at idle, close after 1100 RPM during part throttle. Full throttle 1st-4th gear the valves open until throttle let off. 4th gear, 1500 RPM to full throttle closed, closed until 3500 RPM, then open until lift off throttle.

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