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Deutsche Auto Parts- No-Splice MK7 LED Harness

Has anyone tried removing the DAP harness? I'm trading my car in for the Mk7.5 and want to remove and put the oem lights back in. Can I get away with leaving the harness in and reverting the coding back to stock for the oem lights? Or will I need to remove the wiring harness as well?

I'm hoping I can get around removing the harness.. as I don't remember how I even installed it lol
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Are you talking about the following harness for the MK7 LEDs?

If you change only the coding back to stock your inner parking light tails are still connected to the outer tails and function as brake lights too. With 2x incandescent bulbs on 1 wire the load might be to high.

At least disconnect the adapter harness and then get the coding back to stock.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to pull the two black wires on each side from inner to outer light to get the adapter harness out.

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You should just be able to unplug from the DAP harness and plug back into the stock lights. When I installed my ECS harness...that's what it looked like.

If someone was to pull the stock lights they would see the aftermarket harness just hanging there.

It'll be pre-wired for Euro lights.
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