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Old 03-23-2018, 04:34 AM   #1
Drives: 16 GTI Autobahn
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Clunking sound in front end

Hey guys,

Experiencing a very strange sound every time I go offer a speed bump, rough road, etc. This noise occurs at all speeds, slow speed itís louder and more noticeable, higher speeds not as noticeable because of wind noise.

Backstory to this all was I needed a new engine put in because of a major mechanical failure. This problem was NOT there prior to having the engine swapped out. Since having it put in, this problem now exists. Dealer replaced sway bar end links and that didnít do anything at all. Took it back a second time and they swapped the drivers side strut, mount and bearing. Problem went away for a couple weeks and now itís back, slowly becoming more and more frequent just like before. Took it to the dealer a 3rd time and they canít replicate the problem. ....Talking with the master mechanic at the dealership we discussed control arm (they look fine to him), all bolts are tight and to spec. Struts show no signs of being defective. Sway bar and links are tight. I mentioned subframe bolts, but he said he canít cover that under warranty, because it would be my choosing to have that done even though theyíre tight and to spec. Although the subframe has some oil and grime on it I noticed, and Iím curious if any of that oil or whatever perhaps is getting under the bolts making them slide and croak. Idk maybe just a thought.

So, I posted a YouTube video showing the noise when going over bumps in a parking garage. Let me know your thoughts. Definitely need help on this one!
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Old 03-24-2018, 03:20 PM   #2
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Lower control arm rubber bushes are dry - had it on mine before! VW (in the U.K. At least) are aware of this issue and will apply grease to the bushes. Did it to mine about 18 months ago and still all ok! 99% sure it's this
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