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2018 SE GTI audio and Android auto

Hey ppl,

I want to know what are my options I terms of audio upgrades on my 2018 SE GTI, and what do I currently have. (Do i have an amp? Where is it at? Do i have a sub? Can I add one?)

And then, when I have android auto connected, is the audio coming out my phone through usb or is it using BT? If it's USB can I increase the quality of sound using android auto?

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On 2018 models, only Autobahn has the Fender Premium Sound System.
That means you don't have an Amp under the driver's seat and no Subwoofer on your spare tire. You can definitely add an aftermarket amp, such as the Helix Soundbox.

When you connected to Android Auto, the audio is transmitted thru the USB.
Technically, USB has better quality of sound, but I couldn't notice any difference between USB and BT on my car even with Fender Audio.
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Originally Posted by GaryKYLee View Post
You can definitely add an aftermarket amp, such as the Helix Soundbox.

I think the soundbox would be your best bet. The audio system in these cars consists of the display/control unit in the dash, the unit in the glovebox that does most of the work (including amplification and everything that was traditionally done by the in-dash stereo) and, of course, the speakers. The Helix unit adds a subwoofer with it's own amplifier, and a sound processor that makes better use of the existing factory speakers. I suppose you could replace those as well (just the fronts, since you barely hear the rears from the driver's seat) if you wanted. I don't know that replacing the front speakers and leaving the rest of the system alone would make a dramatic improvement.

Regarding your Android Auto question, I believe the D/A conversion and everything is done by the stereo itself, so there isn't a way to improve the audio from the source itself, if I'm understanding your question.
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