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Luke B
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Fault? Please help - Adaptive Cruise Control - 01542 Yaw Rate Sensor (G202)


I'm kind of jumping in to the Golf Forums with a potential issue with my Seat Leon Cupra 280 ST PP (JB4, DP etc.). It's markedly the same mechanically as a Clubsport S with the IS38 turbo.

Adaptive Cruise Control 01542 Yaw Rate Sensor (G202)

I've been having the front assist unavailable error pop up relatively regularly when making a sharp right to come off a dual carriageway, on a downhill incline, moving across into the far lane of a two lane slip road. It happens other places from time to time, but I pass that place a few times each week, and it relatively regularly happens there, with the sudden lateral position shift of the vehicle seeming in my mind to trigger it. Either keying off an on again, or waiting a couple of minutes, seems to rectify things/regains front assist. I've had the car in to Seat, after scanning with a Ross Tech VCDS cable to see a fault with the dist reg module.

Control Module Part Number: 5Q0 907 572 D HW: 5Q0 907 572 D Component and/or Version: ACC Bosch MQB H05 0304 Software Coding: 00201600FE0739 Work Shop Code: WSC 00049 770 00129 ASAM Dataset: EV_ACCMRRBoschVW372 001015 (SE37) VCID: 387FCE6283F386DE6C3-806D
1 Fault Found: 1542 - Function restriction C10C2 00 [008] - Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

They seem to think it's because the car is suddenly picking up the wall at the side of the road then suddenly losing it again from the line of sight of the unit, confusing it. This could well be the reason, although if it is the design is fairly poor. It sounded a plausible enough explanation to placate me, for a bit anyway.

I recently purchased a Carista dongle for my dad, and decided to scan my car with it, to yield the following error message:

Adaptive Cruise Control

01542 Yaw Rate Sensor (G202)

In my mind a sudden lateral movement would be precisely how to invoke a fault in a faulty Yaw Sensor, be it that it perhaps isn't situated in place properly, a connection being lose, or perhaps a hardware fault?

I've cleared it out this morning to see if it returns.

After having been sent off three times by Seat, with them suggested I'm wasting their time, in as polite as possible a manner to do so, I am reluctant to return if this is something that isn't a fault, but instead the symptom of a poor design. My car's out of it's three year warranty on the 16/06/2018, so am considering if there is a fault and after having it in three times already, that if there is a fault that has been downplayed, they would still be liable? Has anyone any experience/knowledge/expertise regarding times front assist fails, other than during poor weather etc. As in during normal driving? Or any knowledge regarding Yaw sensor failure in MQB cars, or what could trigger a fault code erroneously? Lastly, does anyone know if the sensor is located under the seat, or under the wheel or some other place? I can see instructions for replacing older VAG Yaw sensors online, but the MQB seems to be a little hard to put my finger on.

I'm now returning to write this. The front assist not available error came up again on the way home from work, when weaving left to right to left quite rapidly, and on a scan with the Carista the Yaw sensor fault is there again.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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