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Originally Posted by jimlloyd40 View Post
Whose DSG tune? And did you contact the tuner?
APR TCU tune. DSG is still jerky in sport mode in the sense it feels like a downshift as you come to a stop. Doesn't bother me at all, I like the aggressive feel of it, but the TCU tune didn't really "smooth" out those downshifts in sport mode - if that's what people are hoping for.
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Sandman GTI
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Unitronic TCU smooths things out.
Almost a little much but with more HP the DSG tune matches.
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Originally Posted by reallypeacedoff View Post
I hate the the fact that it is the wrong way around. I would use the shifter so much more if it was the right way around. Pull to upshift, push to downshift. Why did you do the opposite VW? Why?
That's funny, to me it seems very intuitive. Forward go faster, back to slow down.

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Originally Posted by apexeater10 View Post
That's funny, to me it seems very intuitive. Forward go faster, back to slow down.
Do you run your mouse in video game days inverted? Might explain it if you do.

Every race car and/or car that runs a sequential runs it that way primarily. For example, slamming on the brakes, you (your body/legs/arms) are pushing away from the front of the car, thus pushing to downshift seems natural. Of course some people don't find that natural but I'd say the majority do.

Anyways, moot point, no way to change it around anyway.
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