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Originally Posted by George Ab View Post
Received the other day and finished install. Overall I was quite impressed with build quality of the cast end pieces, welds of cooler and machining of interface pieces. Currently pricing is $279 on Aliexpress, I purchased for $253 with hoses and clamps (originally $215, but seller contacted me and requested an additional $38 as they incorrectly priced shipping). I did have to break out a file to knock down a weld for sufficient clearance for the radiator to lock into. As previously noted the end pieces that hold the clip to lock the assemblies into frame needed to be hit with file to get the clips on. I needed to go to the hardware store to get some 4mm and 5mm screws and washers to hold down the A/C cooler. The OE cooler has plastic clips holding.
You happy with it performance wise? Any logs to share perhaps?
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