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Originally Posted by armedferret View Post
10% of my 15 years or so. Not a massive loss.
I had the opportunity to go to Iraq for 6 months but my wife wasn't happy about the idea. And I was in my 50's then and didn't relish living in a tent. Or working 16-hour days. Or getting the necessary shots. They would have issued me a sidearm, which was better than nothing, but I couldn't let it out of my sight, and the armory was on the opposite site of the base. Must have been a pain when you showered.
(Mostly) Posted by Josh/AWE. Flapper valves are open at idle, close after 1100 RPM during part throttle. Full throttle 1st-4th gear the valves open until throttle let off. 4th gear, 1500 RPM to full throttle closed, closed until 3500 RPM, then open until lift off throttle.

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