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Latest VW Beetle compared to Mk7 GTI - questions

Originally Posted by Bullet Bob View Post
"As they say, some cars end up being labeled "Chic" cars.
Ford Probe.
Nissan 240.
Beetle. New."
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I think these cars are pretty chic also, I just don't like the people who call them "chick" cars.

I'm also glad to learn from this thread that 65 is middle-aged, although I might have to go back to work if I'm going to live to be 130.

There's a lady I've seen a few times around here driving one. She's about 50, has a ponytail, and looks happy driving around with the top down.

If your mother-in-law likes it, I say go for it, everybody should own a convertible at least once. As Peter Egan once wrote, when you own a car without a roof, you've taken a big step away from ordinary (had to paraphrase, don't remember the exact quote).

Sorry you don't like me.
But I did not invent the term nor did I label the cars such. Over the years they get labeled such.
GTI's and R's are rare Chic cars.
Yes many Ladies drive them and that is great. But, I think a larger percentage are Men. Sorry, just facts.

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