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Originally Posted by Azoth View Post
First I want to say thanks for your thread and your detailed writeups and documentation! Much appreciated and you've given me much inspiration and ideas for these QOL mods, I've done more than a few of these.

May sound like a dumb question but how did you go about removing all the rear trim + carpet in the hatch? I got some sound deadening stuff a while ago and I've been hesitant to try pulling at that crap up because I'm not sure where to start and don't want to break a bunch of clips. The few times I tried I gave up after feeling like I was gonna start breaking stuff. I've searched but can't really find any good info. Any tips appreciated!
Wish I could remember. I just started pulling on stuff. The super thin "carpet" pulls out of places, and I think I remember having to unscrew a few T20 screws, and pull some trim out of the way. I believe the back middle trim piece comes completely off, and the bottom of each side I pulled off to expose the bottom, but didn't pull it off completely...

Here, check out my review here, I put all my pics in there. I'm sorry though, I didn't explain how to pull the backside stuff out. :/
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