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Originally Posted by sabo View Post
33. USB Reroute

Continuing my front cubby modifications with a rerouting of the USB connection. I currently have a retractable USB that I use to connect my phone. I typically lay my phone in the cup holder or on the passenger seat, however this take up space for drinks or space for someone's arse. Also to get your hand in that front cubby to remove the USB is well, difficult.

Why: I want to get the phone out of those spaces and mount someone permanently on the dash somewhere. I don't like phone mounts and wires running in plain view. Clean, must be clean.

Cable Route: I plan to route the cable up through the middle vents and have a mount over the airbag warning light.

Cost: Cable + grommet + Magnetic Mount ~$30.

Part Links:
Cable -

Magnetic Mount -

DIY Guide:

Few resulting pics below.
I've found a magnetic base that charges if you've got a wireless charging device too. Might go well with that setup.
Check out
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