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Originally Posted by SugarMouth View Post
That dyno graph makes a great case for the L38X. (Dan I have renamed it for you).

I still think the IS38 is a very good daily turbo. With the added reliability Dan builds into them, you can run the IS38 harder and have all that meat you see in the graph under 5,700rpm.

Update: My thoughts are if you ran the EQT on kill as well, the IS38 would likely only prevail under 3,500 (ish) rpm. Having said that, daily driving is mostly under 4k. I still think the L38X is a winner for someone who wants reliability and great daily driver performance.
I would like to see more of Dan's is38x in the wild with aggressive tunes to see how they last before dubbing it reliable. There have been plenty of hybrid turbos, not referring to Dan's specifically, that have failed in the past. Also I take my car to the strip from time to time and launch at 5500 rpm so making more power on the later power band is preferable to me and spool isn't that bad. That was the point of me showing those dynos.
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