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Has anyone else had an issue with quoting?
From time to time I try to quote posts but when it re-directs, all of the text I am trying to quote does not show up in the text box...

Anyway...@carchrism5, the Hamilton is the Khaki King Auto and I have had mine for a couple of years now and it has been great! It is my "daily" watch.
Don;t know how you feel about buying from the grey market but you can pick one up for under $400 from places like jomashop.
I bought mine from an AD and was able to get around $100 off which was fine with me.

Here is another shot of mine while trying to look cool in front of a DB9.

It is a watch that definitely looks better in person than it does in photos.
The whole case is brushed except for the polished bezel.
The crystal does not have an AR coating on it though. But it does not really bother me.

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