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There's plenty marketed as 'hybrid' stuff and you'd guess it - very most is
somewhat compromised. Still, dual purpose street and autocross isn't that
of an impossible task (as street + track would). Unfortunately 'silence' is a
relative property. While some brake pads on some cars with some drivers
are silent very most of the time, the same pads on another car and driver
are not.
PFC Z-rated is excellent for street. I did recommend them from time to time,
though I wouldn't recommend them for tracking. If you liked the feel I'd give
them a try again. If you fit them properly (cleaning calipers carefully and use
some ceramic paste where appropriate) there's some good chance to prevent
very most if not any noise.
Endless MX72 is probably one of the few available that cover some track use
while being still silent on the street. They're little harder to obtain and more
expensive though. 'Some track use' because this is no true racing stuff.

You know,

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