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Originally Posted by snobrdrdan View Post
Yes, they are stretch bolts

I've replaced hundreds of them, seriously. On my own cars doing tons of swaps and also other people's cars. They're only $6/pair

Are they going to fall out or cause damage if not replaced...probably not.
There's still a lock nut holding it there, and also the clamping force of the knuckle holds the bottom of the strut in place too....but still, VW recommends they be replaced and I always replaced them

(although after so many times of opening the knuckle up or overstretching it with a strut spreader can stretch out the knuckle's opening and the clamping force isn't there 100% anymore, so you DO rely on the bolt to clamp the knuckle around the base of the strut)

My 2 cents
This. The clamping force of my front knuckles has diminished significantly. I don't even need a 2x4 anymore. Maybe the metalnerd bit is TOO big...and/or due to the fact that I've redone my suspension a few times.
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