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Originally Posted by DanJoy View Post
This guy Mike I know has a pretty sweet bike you could probably take off some jumps.

I have bikes that I rarely ride and are never for sale. I have a MTB, skatepark/dirt bmx bike, old bmx race bike, about half of my old park/dirt bike, and 1/4 of a mid 90's bmx build I'll never do anything with.
This wouldn't happen to be you,would it?

Originally Posted by SuperDuper View Post
I like the idea of a cruise. Perhaps we should do a Starved Rock cruise? That used to be pretty popular back when I was on the s2ki forums.
Starved rock is in my neck of the woods, I would potentially be down for this...
Originally Posted by pixel junkie View Post
I have to connect the dots for you too?!
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