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that sounds like me. I started with a porter cable 7424 then moved on to a Makita 9227. But yes the rupes and flex... if I remember correctly they rotate and oscillate.. I think you can also burn paint with them if you use them incorrectly where as the porter cable 7424 was impossible to burn paint with in my experience.

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I have been thinking about polishing my car using a DA. I want a nice glossy look and am thinking about Meguir's Ultimate Polish or scholl s17+ polish / S30 / S40. There is a coupe of scratches (not deep).

i wondered if others had used the above and their experience? If not what polishes would you use?
how old is your car? Pictures of the paint? Most likely you can get a way with a DA and have great results but sometimes a rotary is required. Def would not recommend it unless you have used one many times before.
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