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Originally Posted by Schpadoinkle View Post
Sorry to jack the thread, but can anyone tell the the part number for the MALE connector? And did I miss where someone posted what the 4 wires are? Pos/neg/L/R? Sorry again, just losing my mind trying to find any info on these sub/amp connections lol
You might have seen one of my old posts. I had linked photos from my old website, so the photos are gone. But here's what I did, assuming the wire colors and connectors are the same as on my old Mk6:

To create a factory-like fit/finish, I purchased the Fender subwoofer connector housing, VW part number 8E0-972-714, and the appropriate pre-crimped wires, VW part number 000-979-134-EA (x2). This allowed me to mimic the subwoofer connector and plug directly into the car's harness...

Do the wire colors match what's in your car? Or should I delete this post to avoid confusion?


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