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As far as oil/oil filter changes. Been doing mine for years using an extractor. Very easy and clean.
I do mine twice a year for piece of mind and don't care what others say. My local auto zone
re-cycles the used oil.
If you lived closer I'd be glad to do it for you.
I am interested in your wheels but not at the price you have on your listing, a mint take off set less than 200 miles on them sold on here a few months for $800.00
What is your bottom $ shipped to 47060?
1000 plus shipping cost
Hi I have a 2012 vw cc sport and I've been having problems with it been going to shops to shops for help no one can't seem to help me one mechanic told me i needed a tune up so i got that done coil pack and spark plugs then i got the fuel injectors done and just got the the o2 oxygen sensor upstream done and its still jerking when i pressed the gas its running too rich and misfiring and also rough idle
How many miles? Has it had a carbon cleaning?
Trying to figure out why my 06 MKV GTI randomly loses complete power battery and alt check out fine. never when driving just sitting like maybe once every two weeks.
Checked plugs and coilpacks?
Yep there all good. its just out of nowhere. it could sit 5 mins or five hours. and the battery will just be completely dead.