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Adurm, You seem to be the resident stereo expert. Is there a fairly easy switch out that will upgrade my new fender system. My other R has an Dynaudio system, and it is so much better sounding that it is distressing. R man
Hi Donp,
I was wondering if you had the link to the Mkvii service manuals. I have a 2017 Golf TSI that I've been scouring for manuals online for that I could use a hand with.

Thanks in advance!

I'm interested in both pairs of spacers.

Will you take $75 shipped?

B16 Damptronics for $1680? Hey, I was recently reading about the B16 damptronic coil overs and was considering picking some up. I can't find them for under $2800. Have you seen them at a cheaper price somewhere by chance? Anything under 2k, seem a little to good to be true.

Thank you.
look up the specific part number you need from bilstein and then search that on google shopping. I've seen them under $2k more than one time. Last time I believe was either BMP, NGP, or Urotuning around the holiday sales they dipped down to $1700ish range. I deleted my DCC and went the with standard B16 kit because I wanted better control of the dampening rate and because I could get them for about 1300$.
I order all my parts from bmp tuning. If they have them for under 2k I'd go for it becuase if something ends up not working out, they have a great customer service team.
Sweet, thank you!
2015 GTI Autobahn DSG. APR stage 2 ECR and APR DSG tunes. Ultimate Racing downpipe, Racingline cold air intake, CTS intercooler, BFI dog one inset, BFI engine and transmission mounts, H&R rear sway bar.
Hi - I just saw your post on the ebay twincooler thread. Who was the ebay seller you bought it from? did the pipe break/split at a junction point or where it was clamped? This is the fist I heard of this issue. I thought all I had to deal with were fitment issues. Thanks for your input!

i'd be curious to see a picture if you had any. I already have this intercooler sitting in my living room so I was likely going to go ahead with the install. thanks again.
I'll try to take one later.
PM me your email and I can send some.
Hey man. I was told you are running st suspension on your MK6. Im thinking of also getting it but I wanna know your thoughts on it and how long you’ve had them. Im also from NJ!