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So if you had, lets say, $50K burning a hole in your pocket, and you decided to build your absolute dream car, what would it be? Cause I have been building mine in my dreams ever since I found out I was going to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?!!??!

And after I left still not a millionaire, I continue to dream.

But here goes.

I'd source a Porshe 928 S4. Ideally, I'd find one with a very nice interior and a straight body. Black preferably, but I'd be OK with repainting. It would be more important to get a very nice (non-stinky) interior. In a perfect world, it would need engine work or be just about due for the timing chain service (Which is $$$) so I could get it a little cheaper. Hopefully around $14K, but maybe up to $16k.

Then I'd buy one of the new Ford Voodoo flat-plane crate motors (Alluminum, semi-exotic with a sound somewhere between a 5.0 and a Yamaha R1) and transmission, though I'd need to feel that one out. I know the tranny goes in the back of the Porsche (a sentence that has probably been said more times and in more, unsavory ways than I'd care to think about.), but we'll figure it out. And I know they don't sell the voodoo as a crate, YET, but they will, and they sell it in pieces.

Anyway, the 928 lump weighs in at close to 600 lbs, the Voodoo is around 400 and I believe can be mounted a bit further back, which should make my Dream Shark a bit more nimble.

I'd pick up aftermarket, 928GTS look rear fender flares. Coat it in some nice deep, black metallic paint, tint the windows, get some later model factory porsche wheels in matte grey, put in a decent, modern stereo, and mount up one of the new, aftermarket magneride suspensions, and I would have the ultimate GT.

With 526 HP and a modern 6 speed, that's quite an improvement over 316 HP (yeah right, Porsche) and a 4 speed slushbox.

And, compared to the Mustang GT350R, I'd be down about 750-800 Lbs.

I don't think you can call a Porsche 928 a sleeper, but that is the car I most want to put in my garage. (Well, that or build a Subaru powered Manx, cause I could probably handle 90% of that on my own).

What about you?

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As much as I like my GTI.
I would like the new Audi TT.
Like a GTI but up power and interior.

But I could also have Chip Foose rebuild my 97" extended cab F150 into a lowered Lightning with the new 5.0L V8.

This will do:

tt front.jpg
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That second generation Lightning was so much more fun than it had a right to be.

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Fox body mustang hatch, independent rear suspension, current 5.0 coyote motor and the gt500 transmission (also used in camaro ss, ctsv, viper, etc.), rest are just suspension components and such, maybe swaybar's, rear shocks n springs (like from Steeda)

or e36 m3, throw supercharger or turbo,
or e46 m3, throw supercharger and spend rest on maintenance, since it's a nightmare for someone that isn't loaded.

Chevy SS is also a perfect car for me as well stock, but I can't afford one.

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modern day S4 avant, with tints, intake, exhaust, on bags, & tune

nothing much else needed for me, I love a clean & powerful daily driver!!!
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49-52 GMC or Chevy 3100 5 window... flat black primer, red steelies and silver dog dishes... on air
Love the mean miata, but that is definitely the uggliest body style of the 4 so far.


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Supposedly the mk2 golfs that boba motoring makes only cost in the $30,000 range... That but mk7 and as stock looking as possible would make me very happy. It would be completely worth it for just the looks on everyone's faces the first time I took it to a drag strip.