WTS $800: BNIB Golf 7R B6 + OEM R Estate Springs

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I have for sale BNIB Golf 7R B6 F+R, as well as 5K mile take-off 6MT Golf R front hatch springs w/ BNIB R Estate Rear Springs.

The B6 were $600 ordered new, and the R Estate Springs were $~250 after the exchange rate + shipping. 6MT R front hatch springs were $75.

This is the perfect OEM+ sporty DD setup for an Alltrack, or GSW 4Mo (the latter of which would also require a 55mm knuckle upgrade to accommodate).

Ive been back and forth and again over this setup since I purchased it last November, as at the time I was under the impression that stock spring Alltrack-specific B6 were not available. I posted these for sale months ago when I learned that Alltrack B6 DID exist, but changed my mind as I didn’t feel like going through the hassle.

well, last weekend I went camping and bottomed out my car on the stock suspension, sustaining very minor damage to the underside of the front lip. That experience has driven me to prefer stock height with a lift kit and the Alltrack B6.

$800 OBO, local meetup in the Philly / South Jersey area strongly preferred. Same reasons as before, I really don’t feel like shipping.