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Will this 17" Audi A3 wheel fit on the R?


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Re-posting to the correct location.

To start, I am aware that this giant resourceful thread exists but the A3 wheel I'm trying to get confirmation of fitment (basically clearance over the caliper) has the worst Option Code name for forum and google searching ("F40")--even when restricting to just our site or VWV, my screen is littered with pictures of dream Ferrari of my childhood. "audi" or "a3" and "10-spoke" helped a bit, but not enough.

Anyway, does anyone have any first or secondhand knowledge of this 17" Audi A3 wheel fitting over the R's front brakes?

17x7.5 et56. There's also an 18" version but I have a lead on a set of 17"s with snow tires and I'm trying to figure this out fast before they're sold. The offset is pushing it but with 225/45/17s I think it would be alright with regards to the inner well clearance. Thanks all.