Where to buy aftermarket parts/accessories for the Aussie MK7


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Hey guys,

I've struggled to find reliable sources online for parts for my 90TSI MK7 that are Aussie specific. So I thought I'd open up this thread for anyone who's willing to share their knowledge of great auto suppliers who are making killer aftermarket exhausts/engine parts/lighting/mod kits/accessories within Oz. Even if there's a great supplier overseas who makes parts that work for Australia that'd also be fantastic!

Looking forward to geeking out with you all over our beloved Volkswagens very soon,

I'm looking for a rear bumper protector for my MK7 wagon and so far all I've found is an after market supplier in the UK (not VW specific). Trouble is, by the time you add freight, the cost is similar to the genuine item put out by VW Australia.

I'm new to the forum and notice there is little interaction in the Aussie region. Seems to be plenty of thread viewers, but not many contributors. Posting in the general & technical areas seems to generate more interaction from others worldwide. Just an observation.