Wheel spacers


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Could I use wheel spacers on the stock wheels of my GTI to give the car a better look or would I need to get wider wheels? If so any suggestions?

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Yes, those are both ways to accomplish a flush look. It comes down to what you want out of the car and what your budget allows.

If you're simply looking for an aesthetic change and like the stock wheels (or don't want to buy new ones) then spacers are a logical way to achieve that goal. Some of the more common spacers discussed on here are from brands such as ECS Tuning, Burger Motorsports, and H&R.

Aftermarket wheels can accomplish the same thing with a different offset and/or width and that's a consideration many folks make when choosing a set.

I don't personally have an experience with spacers so I can't offer you any recommendations. Do a search on here for wheel spacers or browse the wheels/suspension portion of the site as there are lots of threads on the topic.
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