What was your last car?


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1999 Nissan Maxima GLE, V6, leather seats with Bose stereo! That car was a boat!

I had received it as a birthday gift from my parents (they paid half) during my freshman year of college in 2008. It had 35,000 miles on it when I got the car, now it has close to 60,000 and my sister drives it. :)

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'06 Eclipse Spyder GT. AKA POS. Hated it. Having grown up in Minnesota and relocating to Texas (thank you, Uncle Sam), I had my heart dead set on a convertible. The car was tight when I bought it, and the MIVEC provided decent power. That is the extent of the good things I have to say about that car. It did not drive or perform well. The engine was very peaky. The interior was cheap and uncomfortable. Plastic pieces starting coming loose and rattling in a light breeze after about 50 miles. And to top it all off, the novelty styling started making my sick after about a year of ownership. Bottom line is that the overall package - engineering and build quality - has made me swear off mitsubishi forever. While that car cost several thousand dollars more than my GTI, the GTI is a HUGE step up, not down!


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My car before the 2013 MkVI GTI was a 1987 VW Vanagon. I still own it, but it is up in Seattle for be sold.....

Here is a photo:

that kicks ass. you should paint it ala A-Team van!


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My first car was a 2004 Civic DX I had painted Electron Blue Pearl(Si Blue)

after i turned 21 i bought myself an R6 (the oil spot is from out beat up family truck)

The civic was flooded the same year i bought the R6 and we replaced the block and I drove it up to 140k when the transmission started making funny noises.

Sold the Civic and the R6 to buy a house and I decided I wanted something a bit bigger and more comfortable for my commute to work and ended up with a Graphite blue mk6.

2 months ago I decided I needed something fast again and brought home this


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My last ride was a 2006 Toyota Matrix that was kind of like a got a new job that's further, need a more fuel economy ride, so in came the Matrix for that purpose and it served well. Passed on to the wife and now I got my GTI. Before that though was what I considered my true last ride, 2004 SRT4.
Car was a total BLAST. You can hate the owners of them because they act like doosh bags but what car group doesn't have them? Every car group feels they drive the best thing or fastest and are quite ignorant to that extent. I wasn't so much like them and respected all cars around me.
I had an awesome exhaust on it that just sounded mean and got plenty of compliments wherever I went. I used to eat up plenty of stock cars in it's league and above it's league when I was totally stock. It had quite a lot of wheel spin going into 3rd gear, but that's norm for a FWD car pushing nearly 260hp stock(true dyno numbers).
I upgraded the turbo slightly in that it was ported to a bigger wheel and inlet using the same housing. I didn't push it too far before trading it off when I had that but I suspect I was pushing around 300-310hp for a fairy cheap mod that it was.
Going to the GTI feels like such a slow car but I know I can feel the stockish power of the SRT4 again once I go Stg1 and that's all I need to be content. I was stock with the SRT4 for nearly 2 years before doing a few mods and it's stock form had plenty of punch. To this day, outside of a motor swapped civic, I don't think you can find much cheaper bang for your buck if you want cheap speed and respect the platform. 0-60 5.3secs, 13.8 1/4 mile, STOCK.

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2007 Infiniti FX35, one of the best cars ever made. It sounded fantastic stock, and that VQ35 engine mated with a primitive 5 speed auto was just the greatest thing on earth. Got that used used in 09, and crashed it in Georgetown my junior year.

Took me a while, but I played enough poker to buy a car after I graduated. I wanted a new car in stick, and the best possible car in the ~$30k range is the GTI, bar none. I'm loving driving this car every day, even in bumper to bumper.

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Miata! Still own it, but will probably have to sell it when it warms up :(

Don't have any good pictures in its current state but these will do:

So much fun, just doesn't suit my day to day lifestyle well. Gotta decide on parting it out and selling or just saying screw it and selling everything at once.