What was your last car?


789/5000 .:R32
2008 r32
mk5 r32. kinda miss awd


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The List

1979 Rabbit L Fuel injected 5spd
1989 Golf Diesel ( non turbo) 5spd
1986 Toyota Celica Supra 5spd
1989 chevy Blazer Auto
1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 5spd
1989 Acura Integra Special Edition (127 hp non vtec) 5spd
1993 Mk3 Golf 1.8 single TBI 90hp 5spd (Canada only version)
1990 Jetta Flair 2dr 5spd
1994 Mk3 Golf 1.8 5spd
1997 Jetta Trek
1995 GTI VR6 5spd
1997 Golf Turbo Diesel 5spd
1991 Honda Accord Auto
1997 Saturn SL1 Auto (bought for my ex GF for B day)
2000 VR6 Jetta auto
2001 Golf TDI 5spd (Vr6/g60 clutch nozzels and program)
1990 Firebird 305 hard top auto
1991 Trans Am GTA t-tops auto
2003 Jetta Wolfsburg 5spd(Apr program and other trinkets)
1998 Toyota 4Runner 5spd 4x4 (Offroad Upgrades)
2013 Golf 2.5 5spd.


1998 Yamaha BWSR
2002 Yamaha BWSR
2002 NG Yamaha BWSR
2000 Honda Cbr 600 F4
2002 Honda Cbr 600 F4i
2000 Honda VTR1000

Those were the ones i remember...


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1987 VW GTI :D

More pictures below in my public FB album :thumbsup:


Ready to race!
central jersey
05 WRB WRX - 362hp to the wheels. best et: 11.78 @ 118

02 Electron Blue Corvette Z06 - 413 to the wheels. best et: 11.41 @ 122

I bought the gti to keep some of the performance, but get the improved gas mileage for my commute.


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Las Vegas
Chronological Order:

89 Honda Accord - White
95 Honda Civic - Gray lightly modded (Wheels/Suspension/Intake/Exhaust)
97 VW Jetta GLX VR6 Supercharged all modded to the gills
02 BMW e46 3 Series No Mods
2005 Acura TL - Suspension and Wheels
2009 Volvo C30 R-design
2010 VW GTI (Current) Suspension only, wheels on order. (Great to be back in a VW :) )


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2009 Mazda 3 iTouring, 5spd manual (currently still driving till my GTI comes in, then trading her in for it)

2006 Yamaha R6, garaged now for the winter though ha.



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2022 GTI SE
1964 Pontiac Tempest
1984 Camaro Z28
1982 Camaro Z28 Pace Car
1982 Toyota Corolla
1994 Honda Prelude Si
1993 Honda Prelude VTEC
1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
2000 Honda Prelude
2002 Impreza WRX wagon
2003 Lancer Evolution VIII
2006 Lancer Evolution IX
2007 BMW 335i (E90)
2008 Lancer Evolution X
2008 BMW 135i
2008 Lancer Evolution X
2013 Volkswagen GTI

First three domestics were automatics. Everything else has been manual transmission.