What was your last car?


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Atlanta, Ga
What car did you have before you got the MK6?

I've even noticed a lot of people from many forums who are getting/have the new GTI/Golf came from what is to believe higher-lined cars such as the 5-Series, M3, Audi A6, 350z etc.

Just wondering what made you get a GTI, what did you drive before (and if you did downgrade, why?), and if you have a pic of your last car post it.

I recently got rid of my car (unfortunately i don't have pics), but it was a white 2009 Acura TSX. Very nice car indeed, but me and my g/f live together she had a car (not as good as mine in the least), but no point having two vehicles in a condo when we live downtown. And i'm the type who wants a new car often so i decided to get rid of mine. (only had it for 8 months and racked up nearly 12k miles!)

Btw g/f has a 08 mercury milan (yuck). I cannot stand that car, but at $250/mo(acura was about $450-ish), non-premium gas, and $40/mo insurance(insurance in her name, acura was about $100+/mo for me) it couldn't be beat at the time. lol But now i'm ready to get my GTI!


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Picked up my new Candy White GTI last week. Coming from a black -07 R32. Decided to buy a new one because:

1. Liked the styling of the new one
2. Less fuel consumption
3. Almost the same performance
4. Less insurance costs
5. Premium sound system (yes, hated the crap RCD300)

Do miss the sound of the R but can live without and don´t regret the switch for one second. The new car drives just great even though I´m yet to see revs over 3500 as the car is under it´s break-in period. 2 more weeks :p


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Previous car: 2006 Acura TL (lease)...Very nice car, but Acura really took leave of their senses on the new TL body design (IMHO). I would have considered another if they would not have ruined it.

The GTI is my entry-level mid-life crisis car. So far I dig it, but there are some anomalies that I am getting used to, especially compared to an Acura.


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Ohio, USA
'98 SS Camaro convertible for me. If I had a garage, and could afford to own two cars, I'd never have gotten rid of it. It was an absolute blast to drive in the summers. Unfortunately, I needed a year round vehicle that averaged more than 18 mpg of super unleaded. :)

The GTI is also tons of fun, but immensely practical as well.


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Somerset Engand
Honda Accord Coupe 2.2 litre 1997 with only 70,000 miles.I loved this car and was really sorry to see it go (albeit to a good home).
My Golf 1.6TDI SE is much more economical and the DSG gearbox is a delight.


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I'm coming from a Ford Freestyle - transmission died at 59K, and of course, the warranty was out.

GTI has alot less room, but a whole lot more fun. GTI is better than my 2000 Pontiac GTP - and that one was a blast to drive.


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Stuart, FL
2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer... Love the GTI, but I will miss being able to carry everything I own. Plus my golf clubs don't fit unless I put the back seat down. :(


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Sanford, Florida
Got my CS 4 door one week ago. Came from a 2000 toyota sienna van with 212k. Kept it for my son to learn to drive with. Do I need to say anything more LOL?


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VW Golf MK4 Generation 1.6ltr Auto - Black magic in colour with 19" alloys.
Looked great, great stereo handled really well but unfortunately it had a lot of issues :(


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'08 Subaru STI, modded to stg II HP/TRQ output. Do I miss it? Not a fucking chance. The GTI actually corners flatter and has WAY better steering input and feedback. I don't need AWD in Texas and frankly don't miss the grip or the sketchy transmission.

Before that, it was an '07 Subaru legacy GT 5MT, an '04 Subaru STI, stg II (do miss that beast) and an '02 350Z.

Here's a pic of the last car: