What to do a year after sealing?


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2016 DSG
  • Wash - Meguiar's G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash - 1 gallon
  • Decon - CarPro Iron X Lemon Scent - 500ml
  • Clay - Meguiar's G10240 Smooth Surface XL Clay Kit, 240 grams
  • Seal - Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant 16 oz

This is the plan I did over a year ago. Now I need to figure out how to "refresh" the job.
Do I need to apply some chemical to remove the seal from the Jescar Power Lock before I go through the steps again (decon, clay, seal)?

Or can I just go ahead and decon, clay, and then reseal ontop of what I did a year ago?



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It all depends on how much time and energy you want to put into it. You can wash and then just throw more powerlock back on if you want to. Your iron x and clay do a good amount of work of removing the old powerlock. The only way to get it all off would be to polish it


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What have you been doing since? Have you been "topping" with anything?

Don't use gold class before sealing, it leaves "glossifiers" on the paint which can interfere with sealing.

the IDEAL situation is to use a wax/sealant strip soap, iron x, then clay, then paint correct, then reseal. Don't clay if your paint doesn't need it, it can cause micromarring. If your paint looks like it's in good condition, i'd just wash, ironx, wash again (to remove the ironx residue), then seal.


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I would say it depends on how many swirlmarks have accumulated since you first applied. really, in my opinion nothing truly lasts more than a few months if you wash regularly. think 'use/wear' instead of time when it comes to sealing coats. Hence i usually reseal after washing every few months, claying or decontaminating or polishing where needed

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Have you considered professional quality ceramic coating? I had optimum opticoat pro installed when I bought my 18R and also had the process done to my last '15gti. It'll help immensely when removing contaminants.

After a Canadian winter, all I do is wash, iron-x, shoot on a booster like carpro reload or opticoat hyperseal, done. No claying, no polishing. The gloss and depth come right back.