What Did You Drive Before You Drove A MKVII Golf, GTI or R?


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I had a motorcycle as my only transportation for before the gti. Before that I had a 2001 BMW 330i for close to a decade. That was a good and reliable car, believe it or not. But it got nerfed suddenly and I was too busy to deal with the hassle of car shopping so I just went two wheels as a stop gap while I made up my mind. The bike was also a BMW and also quite good.

Turned out it took 2 years to decide because I was only traveling 5000 miles a year and you can ride here year round. It can be disgustingly uncomfortable hot and even very cold but it is possible, and a huge $ savings.

The big issue was the worry of getting taken out by some stupid soccer mom texting while driving, or by one of our many drunken motorists.

I did a rage quit of my 8 minute commute job not long after buying it and the replacement gig ended up being 20 to 25 minutes, so it ended up being good timing.


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SC Sea Islands
2017 GTI S
76 Scirocco
92 Geo Prism
91 Jetta
95 Saturn S1
97 Jetta GT
99 New Beetle GLS
2002 Mazda 3 wagon
2006 GTI
2010 WRX Skinny
1997 Jeep Cherokee Country 2wd 2 owner with 88k miles (miss already)
2017 GTI

I'm old and there are a couple missing I'm sure.

IES99: Man did I want a GLH or a Shelby Daytona

Parents are on their 3rd Beetle vert among other cars. I came home from hospital in a 76 Beetle and remember pulling hay out of the back seats as a kid.

*anyone over on TheCarLounge? Been on there for 15+ years. Seems someone has my screen name here. lol
Several times I have seen GLH for sale online but decided that I could do with a modern car and the GLH in decent condition cost as much as a new GTI


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Maryland, USA
In order of ownership - more or less - pretty much every 4 wheeled convayance I've ever had: (I'm not counting joint ownership, leases, or company vehicles.)

1969 Dodge D-200 Pick-up (ok, I didn't really own this. First vehicle I was allowed to use regularly on public roads.)
1972 MG-B roadster (first car I ever really owned - literally everything broke and/or leaked. Loved that car!)
1976 Triumph TR-6 (see above...)
1980 Plymouth Horizon (young and poor[er,] in those days - see above...)
1963 Alfa-Romeo Gulia Spyder 1600 Normale (again, see cars above...)
1987 VW GTI 16v (first car in which not too much broke and/or leaked.)
1992 Honda Civic Si (replaced above GTI, which was stolen/stripped/totaled)
2007 Toyota Matrix SR
1997 Toyota T-100
1976 FIAT 128-3P (The Original-Original Hot Hatch)
1970 Triumph TR-6
2012 VW GTI
2014 Toyota Camry SE-Sport (I know...)
2015 VW Passat SE 1.8tsi
2016 Mazda 6 (6-spd. m/t)
2012 Toyota Tundra 4.6
2018 VW GTI


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67 Pontiac Parisienne
67 Olds Delta 88
74 Buick Skylark
77 Buick Riviera
76 Dodge Aspen
81 Corolla liftback
80 Corolla notchback
86 Corolla GTS
88 200sx
85 Chev Van (Fullsize)
79 Rabbit (ice race car - superlight, caged, side draft carbs)
86 Cressida
85 Tercel 4x4 Wagon
81 Starlet
05 Chev Optra
09 Impreza
12 WRX
16 Legacy
19 Golf R

I think that's all but not sure. At one point I had three vehicles on the road and the ice race car all at the same time.


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Milton, FL
2006 Chevy Cobalt LT
2014 Fiesta ST
2017 Focus RS
2019 Golf GTI
This Tuesday, I'll be taking delivery on a 2019 Golf R

Once I got the Fiesta ST I fell in love with hatchbacks (but only the fun ones!)


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Chicago 'burbs
2019 GTI SE Exp pkg
Most recent:
2010 Honda Civic Si
2015 Mazda 3 S GT


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Downstate, IL
2018 Golf TSI SE
I keep cars for a while - yesterday I traded in my 05 Scion xB with 250,401 miles on it. I believe I bought it in 09 or 10 with around 60k miles.


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2019 Alltrack S 6MT
'01 Golf GLS 1.8T
'05 GTI 1.8T
'10 GTI 2-door
'15 WRX

'16 370Z Sport. Intake/Exhaust/HFC's. Pro-Tuned to 315whp. I do miss the wookie noises...:cry:


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Dallas, TX
997 GT3, F80 M3, F87 M2, E90 M3, Supercharged Lotus Elise, R35 GT-R, Cayman S

But the GTI replaced a Prius as the family beater lol.


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997 GT3, F80 M3, F87 M2, E90 M3, Supercharged Lotus Elise, R35 GT-R, Cayman S

But the GTI replaced a Prius as the family beater lol.
What's your favorite to drive out of those?


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Dallas, TX
On the track GT3, it's so balanced and rewarding to drive hard and on the street GT-R the power/torque and traction was nuts but it's too heavy on the track and eats too many tires and brake pads.


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2015 GTI SE SP 6sp M
I had a few of these at the same time, they are in order starting in 1988. I currently have the 14 F150, 15 GTI, 85 535. The BMW is on stands, it has a very nice low stance on the ground.

2016 Fiat 500x Trekking (wife).
1992 Lexus LS400.
2014 Ford F-150 Tuned at 5-Star.
1979 TransAm Bandit Black.
1999 BMW 528iT wagon.
2013 Subaru Outback (wife).
2008 Ford F-350 King Ranch 4x4.
2012 Nissan Rogue (wife).
2009 Dodge Ram 4x4.
2008 Tundra.
1976 BMW 630cs.
1987 BMW 535is ( Korman).
1985 BMW M635csi Euro S38.
1993 Prelude Si.
1984 Mercedes S300td.
1989 Prelude Si.
1985 BMW 535i.
1984 Celica.
2008 Kawasaki KLR650.
2005 Sequoia 4x4 (wife).
1984 Porsche 928 S2 Euro.
2005 Legacy GT Wagon MT.
2005 STI.
1982 RX-7.
2004 WRX.
2001 Tundra.
1979 Honda CBR 750.
1997 Camary.
1993 Mil Spec Dodge W350 Cummins.
1977 Jeep CJ5.
1983 Bronco II 4x4.
1977 Datsun 200sx
1996 Tacoma.
1986 RX-7.
1985 RX-7 GS.
1983 RX-7 GS.
1983 Datsun truck.
1976 Camaro 355 Stroker.
1987 Buick T-Type.
1972 Datsun 510 coupe, cammed, slammed, 2.4 swap, flared,Weber side drafts, etc.
1987 Jetta.
1986 Ford LTD Georgia State Patrol car.
1985 Capris 2 door.
1981 Rabbit MK2 16v swap (Thumper).
1984 Jeep Grandwagoneer, Cream and Wood.
1983 Buick Century.
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